Coming Soon: The New Joe Manausa Real Estate Website

We’ve had running the state of the art real estate website since 1995, and we’re only days away from the latest technological make-over.

We are making improvements to the “ease of use” for our visitors, and we have strongly beefed up our property search tool. In fact, we’ve gone from using packaged IDX feeds that are available to anybody in real estate to creating our own property search tool that is updated 96 times per day (every 15 minutes)!

This means you will be able to search the most accurate list of properties available right on the Tallahassee Real Estate Website. And there is more …

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Cash Still King In Real Estate

They say that “cash is king” in real estate, meaning that those with the cash rule the market.

Apparently 2014 is going to close out the year as proof positive that cash buyers are ruling at a greater rate these days.

We have analyzed home sales in the Tallahassee MLS for the past 12 years to identify the source of funds for homebuyers, and cash is being used at a greater rate today than at any time during our analysis period.

But what are the cash buyers buying?

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How To Tell If Your Agent Is Writing A Real Estate Contract That Will Cause You Trouble

Whether you are buying or selling a home, a real estate contract is going to be involved and will hopefully serve its purpose while keeping you out of trouble.

We use a contract to spell out the specific terms of a home sale and purchase, and that means it is a legal document that creates obligations for both parties, and these obligations are enforceable by law.

With this thought in mind, and having witnessed some poorly written documents that were presented in an attempt to create contracts during my 20+ years as a real estate broker, I want to share my one simple trick that will help you ensure that your real estate agent isn’t going to put you in harm’s way when you contract to sell or buy a home.

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Just Click The Button To Get Your Home’s Value

You want to know how much your home is worth and you want to simply click a button to get the information.

No salesperson, no laundry list of things about your house to submit, you simply want to know what it is worth. Right?

After all, the automobile industry has these tools. Put in the year, make and model of your car, and a valuation tool gives you a range of values based upon condition.

So how do you go about getting a no-hassle valuation of your Tallahassee home?

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Take A Historic Look At Tallahassee Home Values

Recently, I was discussing Tallahassee home values with somebody relocating to our fine city.

They were curious about whether I thought the market was over (or under) valued, and what I thought about the prospect of buying into the Tallahassee real estate market today.

Fortunately, I happened to have the perfect graph on hand to examine the long-term changes for home values in Tallahassee.

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Breaking News: Kevin Milligan Joins Joe Manausa Real Estate

Joe Manausa Real Estate is proud to announce the hiring of Kevin Milligan to head up our real estate investments division.

Milligan, recently a sales consultant for Johnson & Johnson specializing in vertebroplasty products and consultation to orthopedic spine surgeons and neurosurgeons is bringing strong leadership qualities as well as keen analytical skills to Tallahassee as the Director of Real Estate Investments.

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Breaking News: Garrett Jacks Joins Joe Manausa Real Estate

Joe Manausa Real Estate is proud to announce the hiring of yet another military veteran.

Garrett Jacks, an accomplished Lieutenant in the United States Navy and a 2009 graduate of the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis will serve as a team leader in the Residential Home Sales Division.

This hiring marks a continued focus by our company to find the best and the brightest from our armed forces and bring their keen intellect and strong work ethic to the Tallahassee real estate market.

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I Think Frank Burns Speaks For All For Sale By Owners

I suspect if you surveyed everybody who is selling their home “For Sale By Owner,” they will tell you they get a lot of calls from real estate agents who want to list their home.

It’s kind of predictable … they represent an easy to produce list of people who likely want to move, so it makes sense that real estate agents want to solicit them for business.

While my real estate company also likes to speak to many people selling their home on their own, I can also tell you that I do not subscribe to the industry mantra of telling them they won’t succeed.

I believe you can sell a home on your own, and even get top dollar, but you have to do what the best real estate companies do if you want great odds of selling your home.

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Evidence Proves The Impact Of The Internet On Real Estate Marketing

We have been preaching about the significant impact of the internet on real estate marketing since 2007, and now we can provide some real evidence to back it up.

We started measuring home sales on a daily basis more than 12 years ago, and have actually produced a graphic that shows real estate companies have a better reach today than they did when we first started collecting data. And there was “no internet” back then.

So what do you think, is this valid proof?

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Most Expensive Homes In Tallahassee

The most expensive homes in Tallahassee are priced (relatively) cheap when compared to some of the larger markets in the US.

Daily, I see articles about homes going on the market in California and New York for more than$10M, yet the highest priced listing in Tallahassee tips the scale at $5.3M, and only a handful are priced above $2M.

So take a look at the very top of the Tallahassee housing market, and what people have been buying over the past twelve years.

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