Evidence Proves The Impact Of The Internet On Real Estate Marketing

We have been preaching about the significant impact of the internet on real estate marketing since 2007, and now we can provide some real evidence to back it up.

We started measuring home sales on a daily basis more than 12 years ago, and have actually produced a graphic that shows real estate companies have a better reach today than they did when we first started collecting data. And there was “no internet” back then.

So what do you think, is this valid proof?

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Most Expensive Homes In Tallahassee

The most expensive homes in Tallahassee are priced (relatively) cheap when compared to some of the larger markets in the US.

Daily, I see articles about homes going on the market in California and New York for more than$10M, yet the highest priced listing in Tallahassee tips the scale at $5.3M, and only a handful are priced above $2M.

So take a look at the very top of the Tallahassee housing market, and what people have been buying over the past twelve years.

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What You Can Get For $250,000 In Tallahassee (Real Estate)

Every so often, I speak with a real estate professional who lives outside of the Tallahassee real estate market, and invariably the conversation will turn to “what you can get” in one area versus the other. I find it fascinating that some people will spend more money to rent or own 800 square feet in some large cities than we spend on a 2,500 square foot home in Tallahassee.

So using this a a central thought for today, let’s explore what you can get for $250K in Tallahassee, how the market looks, and what you should be thinking about if you are buying a home.

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3 Methods To Determine Real Estate Appreciation

If you saw today’s Weekly Special Real Estate Report, then you should know that real estate appreciation is exactly “zero” since ten years ago.

You also know that home prices are the same as nine years ago, meaning there is a difference between “price” and “value” in real estate.

You might not think that this matters, but if you are at all curious about appreciation and depreciation, then I recommend you see why it does.

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How Home Sale Conditions Impact Buyer Behavior

We advise our home sellers to “think like a buyer,” and to do this they must understand how homebuyers think differently based upon the current home sale conditions.

If you are thinking of selling a home today, it is very likely that market conditions today are very different than the last time you sold. This means that you should expect different behaviors from the people with whom you will try to attract to your home.

With this in mind, have you ever considered what buyers are concerned about (so that you can successfully market to them)?

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Shaun Donovan: Leave The Homeownership Rate Alone!

The national homeownership rate has hit a nineteen year low, and I am worried that our elected officials are going to misread what this means and therefore try to solve a problem that their predecessors created.

They say that the road to hell is paved with good intentions, and it might be utopian notions rather than the needs of our Country that is guiding our “leadership,” but it is time for the capital markets to get healthy, and that means Washington needs to play a lesser role.

While it is true that the percentage of people in the US who own homes today is lower than it has been since Bill Clinton took office, the fact is it has only recovered to an “above average” level when compared to its historic rate. The homeownership rate is still too high.

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Learn From The Mistakes Of Homebuyers That Came Before You

Wouldn’t it be neat to speak with people who had recently bought a home to get tips on what they did right, and what they did wrong so you could learn from their mistakes and success? Wouldn’t it be great to ask them what they would do differently if they were buying a home today?

Well lucky for you, Chase Bank just released a survey of 807 homebuyers who shared their thoughts on a recent home purchase.

Most of the mistakes of homebuyers in this survey were easily corrected had they first read our “Home Buying For Smart People” e-series, but the survey makes for a good check list of things you’ll want to remember before you buy a home.

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How Your Asking Price Impacts The Sale Of Your Home

There is a relatively simple concept home sellers should understand about the how your asking price impacts the sale-ability of your home.

While this has always been true in the past, today’s home selling technology makes it possible for us to actually prove it to be true.

So if you have been curious about how long it takes to sell a house in 2014, this little demonstration should make it perfectly clear.

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How Homes Are Sold After Zero Days On The Market

Did you know that there are a measurable amount of homes sold after zero days on the market? Yep it’s true, and it is something we need to explore to understand our current real estate market changes.

If you read yesterday’s article (Tallahassee MLS Real Estate Listings Mystery Revealed), then you know we’re trying to figure out how a crazy new trend in the housing market is going to play out.

We received a lot of great ideas and feedback from readers, and we are going to use their input to broaden our analysis of this rapidly developing change in the Tallahassee real estate market, and we’ll start off with the concept of “days on the market.”

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How Mean, Median, And Mode Are Used In Real Estate Reporting

You might know that mean, median, and mode are all names for “average,” but do you know how they can be manipulated for real estate reporting?

Before you [Yawn] away this article, I want to let you in on a little secret…. You know, it’s been said that “they” can make numbers mean anything they want them to say? Well, it is true. People haphazardly deploy terms like “average”, mean, median, mode and other statistical terminology without either understanding what they’re talking about themselves, or with the intent to deceive their audience with ‘fact’.

So today we are going to take a look at ten year’s worth of Tallahassee real estate data and show you how average home prices have changed and how the mean, median and mode will give us different insights into what these averages can mean.

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