Golden Eagle Plantation Starts 2014 Slowly

After a huge November and December to end the 2013 calendar year, home sales have finally slowed in Golden Eagle Plantation in NE Tallahassee.

This popular neighborhood was grossly over-supplied with homes over $500,000, but a strong “year end clearance” has chipped away some of the excess of houses on the market in this Tallahassee golf course community.

Through mid February, 2014, there has been only 1 closed home sale in Golden Eagle in the Tallahassee MLS. This is a very sluggish (but not completely unusual) start of the 2014 selling year.

Homes Sold In Golden Eagle Plantation

Currently, there are 29 homes for sale in Golden Eagle Plantation,  and fewer than 4 are selling each month. Measuring at a buyer-favored 8+ months of supply, Golden Eagle’s rate of sales rose last year as buyers took advantage of crazy low prices and historically low mortgage interest rates.

This abundance of supply will continue to bring great opportunities for homebuyers, and with interest rates still just above 4%, excellent buying opportunities still persist in this popular Tom Fazio golf course community.

Home Sales In Golden Eagle Plantation

The graph above shows that new home construction is still fewer than one home per month, while distressed home sales remain high at 1 per month. Consider this …., more than 1 in 4 homes sold in Golden Eagle Plantation are short sales or foreclosures.

House Prices Continue To Struggle

The average sales price of homes sold in Golden Eagle Plantation is on the decline. I believe this is the result of two key factors: Rising interest rates and rising distressed home sales. Currently though, interest rates have begun to fall again, so we might start to see buyers increase their spending limits.

Home Prices In Golden Eagle Plantation

Home Values Not Budging

Real home values have not changed very much in Golden Eagle Plantation over the past 2+ years. While the blended average value is falling due to distressed home sales, arms length home sales have been fairly steady (at a 9 year low) since the beginning of 2011 (see the green line on the graph below).

Home Values In Golden Eagle Plantation

Current Golden Eagle Listings

The following interactive map shows all of the homes for sale in Golden Eagle Plantation. Simply hover over a marker and a picture of the home will appear, as well as limited information on the home. If you want to know more about the home, simply click on the picture and the entire detail page will be revealed.

Home Sales In Golden Eagle Plantation

Closing Date
Year Built
Distressed Sale
2514 Double Eagle Ct$600,000 $1642/10/201419963,656Arms Length
Lot 11Ad Osprey Ridge Ct$383,000 $10312/19/201320143,704Arms Length
2969 St Stevens Drive$364,000 $12012/13/201319953,044Arms Length
9209 Eagles Ridge Drive$369,000 $12712/9/201320062,900Arms Length
9002 Bob 'O Link Court$315,000 $9011/26/201319893,516Distressed
9232 Shoal Creek Dr$455,000 $16111/26/201320132,825Arms Length
8889 Caledonian Court$399,500 $14411/25/201320012,765Arms Length
9591 Deer Valley Drive$722,150 $14111/22/201320095,107Arms Length
2832 Royal IsleDrive$490,000 $14311/18/201320003,429Arms Length
9161 Shoal Creek$400,000 $10511/1/201320053,824Distressed
1643 Eagles Watch Way$280,000 $11310/30/201320032,479Arms Length
9585 Deer Valley Drive$665,000 $13910/25/201320074,790Arms Length
9667 Deer Valley Drive$419,900 $14610/11/201320032,871Arms Length
8149 Glenmore Dr$386,500 $13310/4/201320132,914Arms Length
9024 Shoal Creek Dr$650,000 $16510/4/201319973,933Arms Length
3005 Trestwick Way$265,000 $10910/2/201319962,431Arms Length
2736 Waterford Glen Court$506,000 $1589/30/201320123,204Arms Length
8498 Congressional Drive$348,000 $959/27/201319893,645Arms Length
2155 Amanda Mae Ct$380,000 $1298/30/201319992,945Arms Length
2950 Golden Eagle Dr E$348,000 $1358/30/201319982,583Distressed
9162 Shoal Creek Dr.$355,900 $1118/23/201320033,206Arms Length
8320 Inverness Drive$320,000 $1148/20/201320022,796Distressed
9031 Winged Foot Dr$550,000 $1528/20/201320003,626Arms Length
2986 Saint Stevens Drive$398,000 $1478/9/201319942,712Arms Length
2137 Doral Drive$342,000 $1147/31/201320003,008Distressed
8962 Winged Foot Drive$250,000 $977/25/201319882,583Distressed
2220 Gates Drive$339,001 $1137/19/201320003,002Distressed
2903 Royal Isle Drive$770,000 $1426/25/201320055,416Arms Length
2869 Royal Isle Dr$410,000 $1356/24/201320033,040Arms Length
2838 Royal Isle Drive$310,000 $1086/18/201319982,875Arms Length
2293 Cobb Drive$349,000 $1286/14/201319992,724Arms Length
8530 Congressional Dr$365,000 $1385/30/201319932,652Arms Length
8958 Winged Foot Dr$333,000 $1085/29/201319913,076Arms Length
2007 HerbCourt$335,000 $1325/28/201320022,536Arms Length
9082 Eagles Ridge Drive$249,900 $1135/24/201320032,216Distressed
9073 Shoal Creek Dr$380,000 $1375/24/201320022,778Arms Length
8982 Winged Foot Drive$265,000 $755/24/201319883,548Arms Length
2158 W Golden Eagle Drive$376,000 $925/8/201319954,086Distressed
9114 Shoal Creek Drive$465,000 $1555/2/201319973,003Arms Length
2149 Amanda Mae Ct$415,000 $1214/29/201320043,444Distressed
2131 W Golden Eagle Drive$745,000 $1134/26/201319936,593Distressed
9149 Shoal Creek Dr$357,000 $1224/25/201319962,932Arms Length
8137 Glenmore Dr$420,000 $1243/29/201320003,400Arms Length
9150 Shoal CreekDrive$285,000 $1003/21/201319962,850Distressed
9029 Glen Eagle Way$285,000 $1043/15/201319922,740Arms Length
8910 Hawick Ln$377,000 $1372/28/201320032,745Arms Length
9682 Pebble Beach Way$485,000 $1532/21/201320133,160Arms Length
3018 Golden Eagle Drive$405,000 $1231/31/201319873,284Arms Length
3418 Osprey Ridge Court$650,000 $1631/18/201320073,989Arms Length
9191 Shoal Creek Drive$403,500 $10612/21/201220053,794Distressed
8167 Glenmore Drive$675,000 $16612/20/201220004,076Arms Length
9184 Shoal Creek Drive$315,000 $11910/31/201220042,646Arms Length
9194 Shoal Creek Drive$282,500 $10410/31/201220042,725Distressed
8551 Heathcliff$350,000 $11910/31/201220002,941Distressed
2322 Cobb Drive$289,900 $11610/31/201219992,506Arms Length
3200 Pablo Creek Way$480,000 $13310/12/201220053,621Arms Length
8999 Winged Foot Drive$875,000 $17710/1/201219904,950Arms Length
2100 Doral Dr$476,223 $1269/24/201220133,765Arms Length
3225 Pablo Creek Way$480,000 $1478/23/201220053,263Arms Length
8314 Inverness Drive$418,000 $1448/17/201220002,898Arms Length
2619 Wharton Circle$370,000 $1418/14/201220012,620Arms Length
8983 Winged Foot Drive$452,500 $1078/13/201219894,226Arms Length
2968 Medinah$350,000 $1248/10/201220012,826Arms Length
2146 W Golden Eagle$687,500 $1647/27/201220014,197Arms Length
9013 Shoal Creek Dr$450,000 $1457/27/201219973,104Arms Length
2173 Gates Dr$325,000 $1217/20/201220002,693Arms Length
2138 Amanda Mae Ct$440,000 $1187/17/201219963,718Distressed
9711 Prestancia Way$382,500 $1026/29/201220083,741Arms Length
9569 Deer ValleyDrive$399,975 $1186/29/201220043,387Distressed
8522 Congressional Dr$240,000 $716/29/201219903,359Distressed
2713 Waterford Glen Ct$335,000 $1246/15/201219962,707Distressed
2582 Bishops Green Trail$390,000 $1186/8/201219983,313Arms Length
8524 Heathcliff Ct$350,000 $1256/1/201220002,806Arms Length
9211 Hampton Glen Ct$475,000 $1515/31/201220003,136Arms Length
8970 Winged Foot Dr$295,000 $1245/3/201219882,388Arms Length
9703 Prestancia Way$460,000 $1354/30/201220053,395Arms Length
8155 Glenmore Drive$560,000 $1523/30/201219973,674Arms Length
2507 Double Eagle Ct$740,000 $1503/29/201220024,922Arms Length
3406 Osprey Ridge$465,000 $1353/15/201220043,452Arms Length
8869 Blackheath Way$280,000 $1063/9/201219952,630Distressed
9233 Shoal Creek Dr$325,000 $1243/8/201220072,628Distressed
9010 Winged Foot Drive$287,000 $842/7/201219933,417Arms Length
3014 Golden Eagle Dr East$640,000 $1542/6/201219994,152Arms Length
2124 Doral Dr$370,000 $1331/31/201219972,776Arms Length
3242 Pablo Creek Way$400,000 $1431/13/201220052,795Distressed
2132 Amanda Mae Court$538,000 $1111/6/201219994,847Arms Length
8881 Winged Foot Dr$414,000 $13612/29/201120013,049Arms Length
2903 Royal Isle Drive$750,000 $13510/14/201120055,549Distressed
8969 Winged Foot Drive$400,000 $13410/13/201119932,986Arms Length
2220 Genevieve Court$750,000 $1989/28/201120053,786Arms Length
9252 Shoal Creek$450,000 $1459/28/201120043,100Arms Length
2147 W Golden Eagle Drive$1,200,000 $1599/12/201120027,560Arms Length
8362 Inverness Drive$345,000 $1238/31/201119992,800Arms Length
2307 Gates Drive$380,000 $1218/19/201119993,142Arms Length
2887 Royal Isle$378,000 $1448/9/201120112,623Arms Length
8198 Glenmore Drive$440,000 $1297/27/201119993,422Arms Length
9054 Shoal Creek Drive$750,000 $1657/15/201120004,553Arms Length
3070 St Andrews Way$385,000 $1297/6/201120052,978Arms Length
8889 Glen Abby Dr$565,000 $1747/5/201119973,238Arms Length
9059 Eagles Ridge Dr$355,000 $1316/30/201120032,720Arms Length
9031 Winged Foot Dr$450,000 $1246/30/201120003,626Distressed
Lot 5 Shoal Creek$431,532 $1546/15/201120112,801Arms Length
2299 Cobb Drive$400,000 $1266/15/201120003,180Arms Length
9203 Shoal Creek Dr$515,000 $1405/27/201120043,676Arms Length
2024 Herb Court$359,000 $1085/23/201119993,325Arms Length
2945 Golden Eagle Drive East$415,000 $1274/29/201119913,267Arms Length
8986 Winged Foot Drive$647,500 $1344/29/201119884,850Arms Length
2558 Bishops Green Trail$441,500 $1424/27/201119983,114Arms Length
9149 Shoal Creek Drive$354,900 $1214/15/201119962,932Arms Length
9006 Shoal Creek Drive$383,000 $1054/8/201119973,651Arms Length
2961 Golden Eagle Dr E$450,000 $1024/8/201119874,411Arms Length
9635 Deer Valley Dr$545,000 $1433/31/201120053,805Arms Length
2262 Cobb Drive$450,000 $1303/24/201120063,471Arms Length
1646 Eagles Watch Way$200,000 $1013/22/201120011,971Arms Length
8155 Glenmore Drive$560,000 $1533/18/201119973,664Arms Length
2869 Royal Isle Drive$345,000 $1143/2/201120033,036Arms Length
9221 Shoal Creek Drive$411,000 $1272/8/201120053,249Distressed
8997 Bob O Link Court$375,000 $1071/28/201119903,492Arms Length
2286 Cobb Drive$386,000 $1221/27/201120023,156Distressed
2606 Wharton Cir$395,000 $13812/16/201020012,860Arms Length
9692 Prestancia Way$370,000 $13512/3/201020062,738Distressed
2722 Waterford Glen Court$430,000 $11411/30/201019963,780Distressed
2684 Wharton Circle$419,300 $14011/15/201019982,995Arms Length
9015 Winged Foot Dr$745,000 $18811/1/201020023,955Arms Length
8893 Saltcoates Court$329,000 $14110/4/201019942,338Arms Length
2987 St Stevens Drive$327,000 $1259/16/201019942,615Arms Length
8881 Blackheath Way$340,000 $1459/13/201019972,338Arms Length
9688 Deer Valley Drive$575,000 $1679/9/201020033,443Arms Length
2320 Gates Drive$382,000 $1338/16/201019992,866Arms Length
8823 Winged Foot Drive$354,000 $1408/11/201019972,531Arms Length
2702 Wharton Circle$340,000 $1207/16/201019992,844Arms Length
3233 Pinebrook Ct$670,000 $1587/1/201020064,245Arms Length
3027 Golden Eagle Drive East$760,000 $1787/1/201020054,261Distressed
9030 Shoal Creek Dr$625,000 $1576/15/201019963,983Arms Length
8533 Heathcliff Court$335,000 $1355/14/201019992,485Arms Length
8499 Congressional Dr$720,000 $1275/14/201019915,662Arms Length
9640 Deer Valley$750,000 $1895/3/201020073,977Arms Length
2274 Cobb Drive$423,000 $1294/30/201020033,275Distressed
2845 Royal Isle Drive$369,000 $1384/22/201019982,675Arms Length
2558 Bishops Green Trail$435,000 $1404/12/201019983,114Arms Length
9694 Dancing Rabbit Way$345,000 $1203/18/201020042,868Distressed
9227 Shoal Creek Drive$390,000 $1283/12/201020063,039Arms Length
2968 Medinah Ct.$390,000 $1382/25/201020012,826Arms Length
3059 St Andrews$435,000 $1392/17/201020053,132Arms Length
9211 Hampton Glen Ct$458,000 $1541/6/201020002,982Arms Length
9722 Prestancia Way$520,000 $14312/30/200920053,641Arms Length
9060 Shoal Creek Drive$540,000 $14612/21/200920013,700Arms Length
2896 Royal Isle Dr$485,000 $13812/7/200920033,512Arms Length
9090 Shoal Creek Drive$535,000 $13912/4/200920063,850Distressed
2701 Waterford Glen Court$595,000 $15711/2/200919993,797Arms Length
2625 Wharton Circle$450,000 $14310/29/200919993,150Arms Length
2163 Golden Eagle Dr W Main House$4,225,000 $32910/20/2009200912,836Arms Length
3076 St Andrews Way$395,000 $1419/4/200920052,808Arms Length
8866 Blackheath Way$300,000 $1158/24/200919992,608Arms Length
9710 Prestancia Way$470,000 $1458/21/200920053,232Arms Length
3018 Golden Eagle Dr E$495,000 $1388/21/200919873,584Arms Length
2306 Gates Dr$465,000 $1398/13/200919993,349Arms Length
2624 Wharton Circle$495,000 $1407/9/200920003,530Arms Length
9686 Prestancia$430,000 $1297/2/200920043,338Arms Length
2031 Herb Ct$475,000 $1366/12/200919983,504Distressed
9085 Shoal Creek Drive$420,000 $1405/26/200919993,004Arms Length
2287 Cobb Drive$400,000 $1403/20/200920012,865Arms Length
9688 Dancing Rabbit$517,500 $1493/4/200920043,465Arms Length
9015 Winged Foot Drive$782,500 $1952/26/200920024,021Arms Length
2893 Royal Isle Drive$545,000 $1282/17/200920054,256Arms Length
2709 Wharton Circle$330,000 $1232/6/200919992,681Arms Length
9287 Shoal Creek Drive$525,000 $11912/30/200820054,413Arms Length
2961 Medinah Court$400,000 $13712/5/200819882,917Arms Length
2649 Wharton Circle$750,000 $17212/4/200820004,357Arms Length
9079 Shoal Creek Drive$285,000 $9711/7/200819992,936Arms Length
9158 Mcdougal Ct$230,000 $13810/8/200819991,665Arms Length
9598 Deer Valley Drive$750,000 $19010/3/200820053,939Arms Length
1662 Eagles Watch Way$315,000 $1589/19/200820001,992Arms Length
2704 Waterford Glen Court$1,050,000 $2638/27/200820034,000Arms Length
9006 Shoal Creek Dr$435,000 $1188/15/200819973,700Arms Length
2980 Medinah Ct$480,000 $1418/8/200820003,400Arms Length
9233 Shoal Creek$529,900 $2087/22/200820072,550Arms Length
9167 Shoal Creek$529,900 $2087/22/200820072,550Arms Length
3031 Golden Eagle Dr E$338,625 $1027/22/200819923,327Arms Length
2112 Doral Drive$560,000 $1587/15/200820053,550Arms Length
9676 Deer Valley Drive$675,000 $1697/15/200820044,000Arms Length
3022 Eagle Point Way$525,000 $1837/11/200820062,870Arms Length
9203 Shoal Creek Drive$577,000 $1577/11/200820043,676Arms Length
9699 Prestancia Way$415,000 $1377/3/200820063,025Distressed
2322 Cobb Drive$375,000 $1506/16/200819992,506Arms Length
8981 Eagles Ridge Dr.$380,000 $1586/9/200820002,399Arms Length
3082 St. Andrews Way$499,000 $1636/6/200820063,070Arms Length
8332 Inverness Drive$418,000 $1455/23/200820012,885Arms Length
2106 Doral Dr$472,500 $1685/2/200820002,820Arms Length
8978 Winged Foot Dr$499,000 $1594/29/200820023,129Arms Length
9026 Winged Foot Dr$425,000 $1464/18/200819932,910Arms Length
9664 Deer Valley Drive$1,000,000 $1994/9/200820035,018Arms Length
2667 Wharton Circle$535,000 $1613/17/200819973,325Arms Length
9208 Shoal Creek Drive$500,000 $1722/15/200820072,900Arms Length
8338 Inverness Drive$450,000 $1482/15/200819993,044Arms Length
2916 Royal Isle Drive$480,000 $1782/14/200820042,700Arms Length
2262 Cobb Drive$477,750 $1362/12/200820053,510Arms Length
8527 Heathcliff Court$409,000 $1402/11/200820012,916Arms Length
3042 St Andrews Way$467,500 $1481/9/200820043,163Arms Length
9013 Eagles Ridge Dr$295,000 $13312/27/200720052,216Arms Length
9092 Eagles Ridge Dr$335,000 $15312/20/200720062,185Arms Length
2961 Medinah Court$439,000 $15012/20/200719882,917Arms Length
2977 Saint Stevens Dr$425,000 $13612/18/200719903,133Arms Length
9040 Eagles Ridge Drive$260,000 $17312/6/200719961,506Arms Length
2880 Royal Isle Drive$630,000 $17411/9/200720073,628Arms Length
3009 E Golden Eagle Dr$510,000 $13110/23/200719973,900Arms Length
9635 Deer Valley Dr.$595,000 $1709/28/200720053,504Arms Length
3047 St. Andrew'S Way$599,900 $1619/20/200720053,731Arms Length
3064 St. Andrews Way$686,500 $1638/31/200720064,222Arms Length
2631 Wharton Circle$511,950 $1628/31/200720013,152Arms Length
8997 Glen Eagle Way$487,000 $1548/31/200719913,164Arms Length
8555 Congressional$467,000 $1528/30/200719923,071Arms Length
8886 Caledonian Ct$415,000 $1578/21/200719962,651Arms Length
9005 Eagles Ridge Drive$513,600 $1578/17/200720073,264Arms Length
2911 Royal Isle Drive$1,250,000 $2698/17/200720044,643Arms Length
8988 Eagles Ridge Dr$440,000 $1498/13/200720042,950Arms Length
8963 Winged Foot Dr$453,000 $1517/31/200720023,000Arms Length
9694 Pebble Beach Way$445,000 $1637/30/200720042,727Arms Length
8326 Inverness Dr$445,000 $1627/19/200719982,754Arms Length
9692 Prestancia Way$474,900 $1767/18/200720062,702Arms Length
2292 Cobb Drive$706,250 $1877/18/200720043,778Arms Length
8881 Winged Foot Drive$546,500 $1797/5/200720013,049Arms Length
9200 Shoal Creek Drive$575,000 $1736/29/200720053,320Arms Length
9140 Eagles Ridge$412,000 $1516/28/200720042,736Arms Length
8912 Winged Foot Dr$775,000 $1506/27/200720005,165Arms Length
2146 Golden Eagle Drive W$750,000 $1806/26/200720014,158Arms Length
2714 Wharton Circle$530,000 $1766/7/200720023,005Arms Length
9196 Shoal Creek$650,000 $1766/1/200720043,692Arms Length
9251 Shoal Creek Drive$950,000 $1785/16/200720075,336Arms Length
9670 Pebble Beach Way$485,000 $1635/14/200720032,977Arms Length
9085 Shoal Creek Drive$482,500 $1615/7/200719993,004Arms Length
2215 Genevieve Court$558,000 $2004/17/200719972,791Arms Length
2950 Golden Eagle Drive E$475,850 $1834/16/200719982,600Arms Length
9585 Deer Valley Drive$837,500 $1783/13/200720074,700Arms Length
2972 Medinah Court$408,900 $1572/21/200719902,600Arms Length
2281 Cobb Dr$456,000 $1512/20/200720003,022Arms Length
3442 Osprey Ridge Court$667,950 $2181/15/200720073,069Arms Length
9197 Shoal Creek Drive$535,000 $1731/12/200720063,100Arms Length
2161 Amanda Mae$432,500 $1631/12/200719982,652Arms Length
3006 Golden Eagle Drive$1,250,000 $2261/5/200720065,541Arms Length
9076 Eagles Ridge Drive$380,000 $16512/29/200620042,300Arms Length
8883 Saltcoates Court$455,000 $17512/28/200619962,601Arms Length
8174 Glenmore Drive$610,000 $17912/15/200620023,412Arms Length
3018 E Golden Eagle Dr$545,000 $15212/15/200619873,584Arms Length
9604 Deer Valley$920,000 $23711/30/200620053,880Arms Length
8881 Winged Foot Dr$535,000 $17911/2/200620012,995Arms Length
3200 Pablo Creek Way$575,000 $15910/25/200620053,621Arms Length
3232 Pinebrook Court$487,000 $18810/13/200620052,586Arms Length
9569 Deer Valley Drive$629,900 $18610/3/200620043,387Arms Length
9086 Eagles Ridge Drive$362,400 $1759/21/200620062,068Arms Length
9586 Deer Valley Drive$800,000 $2169/15/200620063,700Arms Length
3226 Pablo Creek Way$595,000 $2139/10/200620052,800Arms Length
8321 Inverness Drive$468,500 $1488/4/200619993,172Arms Length
2031 Herb Court$590,000 $1687/21/200619983,504Arms Length
9002 Eagles Ridge Dr$356,000 $1687/5/200619932,125Arms Length
2703 Wharton Circle$470,000 $1686/30/200619992,799Arms Length
9032 Winged Foot$637,000 $1666/28/200619883,845Arms Length
Xxx Amanda Mae$989,900 $1946/22/200620065,100Arms Length
9022 Winged Foot Dr$382,000 $1446/19/200619882,652Arms Length
8881 Winged Foot Dr$565,000 $1896/16/200620012,995Arms Length
2215 Gates Drive$460,000 $1776/16/200620002,603Arms Length
3022 Eagle Point Way$604,600 $2166/9/200620062,800Arms Length
8769 Dunblane Court$439,900 $1536/9/200620052,873Arms Length
9009 Eagles Ridge Dr$380,000 $1426/9/200619942,667Arms Length
3077 St. Andrews Way$559,900 $1935/31/200620062,900Arms Length
2942 Golden Eagle Dr E$770,000 $1615/31/200619894,772Arms Length
8547 Congressional Dr$500,000 $1625/30/200619903,088Arms Length
3213 Pablo Creek Way$574,000 $1905/18/200620053,015Arms Length
8344 Inverness Dr$479,000 $1375/18/200619983,489Arms Length
8884 Winged Foot Drive$419,000 $1715/15/200619952,450Arms Length
9716 Prestancia Way$620,000 $1715/12/200620053,621Arms Length
3059 St Andrews Way$575,000 $1925/1/200620053,000Arms Length
2162 Golden Eagle Drive West$822,000 $1804/28/200619954,556Arms Length
8773 Dunblane Court$420,000 $1634/27/200619952,573Arms Length
8909 Winged Foot Drive$525,000 $1334/21/200619913,949Arms Length
2126 Golden Eagle Drive West$850,000 $1974/17/200619994,320Arms Length
2269 Cobb Dr$466,000 $1554/14/200620023,008Arms Length
2714 Wharton Circle$522,000 $1744/7/200620023,005Arms Length
8840 Glen Abby Dr$520,000 $1764/7/200620002,960Arms Length
2661 Wharton Circle$625,000 $1683/24/200619983,716Arms Length
2833 Royal Isle$560,000 $1633/13/200620033,440Arms Length
9131 Shoal Creek Dr$475,000 $1453/9/200619973,276Arms Length
9227 Shoal Creek Drive$549,000 $1993/8/200620052,755Arms Length
8835 Winged Foot Drive$530,000 $1813/6/200620002,929Arms Length
8887 Winged Foot Drive$460,000 $1653/3/200620012,788Arms Length
3225 Pablo Creek Way$549,900 $1772/24/200620053,100Arms Length
9269 Shoal Creek Drive$525,000 $1712/21/200620063,070Arms Length
9001 Eagles Ridge Dr$337,500 $1812/6/200620031,868Arms Length
2514 Double Eagle Court$605,000 $1771/12/200619963,415Arms Length
2558 Bishop'S Green Trail$529,900 $1701/10/200619983,114Arms Length
9710 Prestancia Way$595,000 $18412/30/200520053,240Arms Length
8887 Saltcoates Court$472,500 $18912/28/200519962,504Arms Length
8881 Blackheath Way$397,000 $17312/2/200519972,300Arms Length
8980 Eagles Ridge Dr$384,000 $14212/2/200519942,700Arms Length
8845 Glen Abby$975,000 $23511/30/200520014,144Arms Length
9694 Deer Valley$759,900 $19711/29/200520033,851Arms Length
2007 Herb Court$409,000 $16311/29/200520022,508Arms Length
2113 Doral Drive$525,000 $17111/28/200519983,078Arms Length
9200 Shoal Creek$565,000 $17011/18/200520053,320Arms Length
2113 W Golden Eagle Drive$390,000 $15311/18/200519892,551Arms Length
8823 Winged Foot Dr.$410,000 $16011/17/200519972,570Arms Length
9006 Shoal Creek Dr$520,000 $14111/15/200519973,700Arms Length
2173 Gates Dr$475,000 $17611/14/200520002,693Arms Length
2316 Cobb Drive$510,000 $16511/14/200520003,088Arms Length
2202 Gates Drive$445,000 $16511/10/200520022,702Arms Length
2667 Wharton Circle$505,000 $15211/10/200519973,325Arms Length
2958 E Golden Eagle Drive$660,000 $14911/3/200519874,436Arms Length
9604 Deer Valley$719,530 $18510/28/200520053,880Arms Length
2131 Golden Eagle Dr W$1,200,000 $18810/28/200519936,400Arms Length
2625 Wharton Cir$532,500 $16710/27/200519993,197Arms Length
2966 Golden Eagle Drive$480,000 $14110/23/200519873,400Arms Length
2214 Genevieve Ct$900,000 $19810/14/200519974,547Arms Length
9686 Prestancia Way$555,900 $16310/3/200520043,412Arms Length
2570 Bishops Green Trl$575,000 $1469/30/200520023,933Arms Length
2685 Wharton Circle$480,000 $1709/30/200520002,822Arms Length
8186 Glenmore Drive$462,900 $1559/29/200519982,978Arms Length
2013 Herb Court$409,000 $1659/19/200519992,474Arms Length
2507 Double Eagle Court$980,000 $1969/16/200520025,000Arms Length
9292 Shoal Creek Drive$619,900 $1959/2/200520043,178Arms Length
9677 Deer Valley Drive$490,000 $1908/24/200520022,573Arms Length
9006 Bob O'Link$447,900 $1508/11/200519972,980Arms Length
8778 Dunblane Ct.$480,000 $1578/5/200520043,050Arms Length
2130 Doral Dr$539,990 $1357/29/200520024,000Arms Length
2707 Waterford Glen$907,500 $1767/27/200520025,143Arms Length
9096 Shoal Creek Drive$780,000 $1607/25/200519964,879Arms Length
3076 St. Andrew'S Way$430,000 $1537/22/200520042,809Arms Length
2306 Gates Drive$495,000 $1487/22/200519993,349Arms Length
2006 Herb Court$570,000 $1737/8/200519993,300Arms Length
2900 Royal Isle Drive$535,900 $1617/7/200520043,324Arms Length
2228 Gates Drive$429,900 $1577/1/200519992,730Arms Length
3050 St. Andrews Way$619,900 $1946/30/200520053,200Arms Length
9695 Deer Valley Drive$517,900 $1846/30/200520032,820Arms Length
8332 Inverness Dr$495,000 $1746/30/200520012,852Arms Length
8862 Winged Foot Drive$488,000 $1556/30/200519923,152Arms Length
9060 Shoal Creek Drive$600,000 $1626/29/200520013,700Arms Length
2969 Saint Stevens Dr$415,000 $1386/29/200519953,018Arms Length
9658 Deer Valley$815,000 $2246/27/200520033,631Arms Length
2968 Saint Stevens Drive$464,000 $1446/27/200519953,229Arms Length
9191 Shoal Creek Drive$650,000 $1766/17/200520053,700Arms Length
9664 Pebble Beach Way$577,500 $1796/17/200520033,228Arms Length
2325 Gates Dr$495,000 $1566/10/200519993,167Arms Length
2313 Gates Drive$489,900 $1616/8/200519993,039Arms Length
8969 Winged Foot Dr$382,000 $1286/3/200519932,980Arms Length
8930 Winged Foot Drive$489,000 $1456/2/200519943,381Arms Length
8380 Inverness Dr$700,000 $1706/1/200519974,116Arms Length
3070 St. Andrew'S Way$446,000 $1545/26/200520042,896Arms Length
8374 Inverness Dr$775,000 $2245/24/200520023,467Arms Length
8893 Glen Abby$779,000 $1755/17/200519974,462Arms Length
2144 Amanda Mae Ct.$598,500 $2065/9/200520002,900Arms Length
3059 St. Andrews$489,900 $1635/6/200520053,000Arms Length
8836 Winged Foot Dr$599,000 $1505/3/200519954,000Arms Length
2679 Wharton Circle$700,000 $1894/21/200520043,711Arms Length
9622 Deer Valley Drive$950,000 $1764/15/200520055,389Arms Length
1640 Eagles Watch Way$211,900 $1304/15/200519951,633Arms Length
2982 St Stevens Dr$455,000 $1394/15/200519933,281Arms Length
2149 Amanda Mae Ct$669,900 $1944/13/200520043,445Arms Length
8973 Winged Foot Drive$420,000 $1144/8/200519893,691Arms Length
2916 Royal Isle Dr.$419,900 $1564/1/200520042,700Arms Length
2851 Royal Isle Drive$425,000 $1433/31/200520032,962Arms Length
9682 Deer Valley Drive$1,200,000 $2003/25/200520055,987Arms Length
3047 St. Andrew'S Way$520,125 $1433/25/200520043,641Arms Length
8889 Caledonian Ct$430,000 $1563/21/200520012,765Arms Length
3042 St. Andrew'S Way$490,500 $1613/9/200520043,045Arms Length
0 Shoal Creek$356,450 $1183/1/200520053,015Arms Length
9196 Shoal Creek Drive$540,000 $1553/1/200520033,476Arms Length
9221 Shoal Creek Drive$485,000 $1552/24/200520043,125Arms Length
1648 Eagles Watch Way$260,000 $1232/18/200520012,108Arms Length
3218 Pablo Creek Way$480,000 $1712/14/200520042,800Arms Length
2975 Golden Eagle Dr$435,000 $1492/10/200519882,919Arms Length
8847 Winged Foot$365,000 $1252/9/200519912,915Arms Length
9616 Deer Valley$715,000 $1552/4/200520054,600Arms Length
9184 Shoal Creek Drive$429,900 $1621/31/200520042,654Arms Length
8113 Glenmore Dr$360,000 $1451/27/200519982,480Arms Length
2306 Gates Dr$460,000 $1371/24/200519993,349Arms Length
9700 Dancing Rabbit Way$549,000 $1611/18/200520043,420Arms Length
9673 Deer Valley Dr$424,000 $16312/29/200420032,602Arms Length
2969 Medinah Ct.$370,000 $12312/29/200419883,009Arms Length
3406 Osprey Ridge Court$556,000 $15912/22/200420043,502Arms Length
9688 Dancing Rabbit Way$545,000 $16012/20/200420043,412Arms Length
8950 Winged Foot Dr$635,000 $17712/10/200420013,582Arms Length
8997 Glen Eagle Way$385,000 $12212/7/200419913,164Arms Length
2173 Gates Dr$376,900 $14012/6/200420002,693Arms Length
8885 Caledonian Ct$426,000 $13912/6/200420003,066Arms Length
9263 Shoal Creek Drive$440,000 $16511/29/200420042,672Arms Length
2137 Doral Drive$400,000 $13111/24/200420003,059Arms Length
9107 Shoal Creek Drive$475,000 $16311/19/200420012,920Arms Length
9676 Deer Valley Drive$685,000 $17111/18/200420044,000Arms Length
2868 Royal Isle Drive$525,000 $16911/15/200420033,100Arms Length
2915 Royal Isle Dr$750,000 $17911/9/200420034,200Arms Length
9694 Deer Valley$725,000 $18811/8/200420033,851Arms Length
Xxxx Prestancia Way$651,918 $17911/5/200420053,641Arms Length
2281 Cobb Dr$405,125 $13411/3/200420003,022Arms Length
2690 Wharton Circle$329,200 $14810/28/200419972,228Arms Length
9694 Pebble Beach Way$405,000 $15010/21/200420042,700Arms Length
2299 Cobb Dr$429,900 $13510/19/200420003,180Arms Length
8883 Saltcoates Court$379,000 $14810/13/200419962,562Arms Length
2220 Gates Dr.$412,000 $13710/8/200420003,002Arms Length
9079 Ridgeview Trl$315,000 $1419/30/200420022,235Arms Length
9625 Deer Valley Drive$439,900 $1449/29/200420043,050Arms Length
9040 Eagles Ridge Drive$187,500 $1259/27/200419961,506Arms Length
9031 Shoal Creek Drive$550,000 $1459/3/200419963,800Arms Length
3401 Osprey Ridge Court$545,000 $1539/1/200420043,558Arms Length
9252 Shoal Creek$305,150 $988/31/200420043,100Arms Length
8532 Heathcliff Court$381,500 $1378/31/200420032,780Arms Length
8559 Congressional Dr$340,000 $1388/31/200419942,462Arms Length
2808 Royal Isle Dr.$469,900 $1478/27/200420043,200Arms Length
9286 Shoal Creek$517,500 $1778/26/200420032,920Arms Length
9610 Deer Valley Drive$642,500 $1668/23/200420043,870Arms Length
9196 Shoal Creek Drive$575,000 $1658/14/200420033,476Arms Length
8978 Winged Foot Dr.$400,000 $1288/12/200420023,129Arms Length
9569 Deer Valley Dr.$499,000 $1457/30/200420043,450Arms Length
1662 Vintage Ridge Ct$294,500 $1307/30/200420022,266Arms Length
9143 Shoal Creek$410,000 $1527/26/200419982,700Arms Length
2582 Bishop'S Green Trail$460,000 $1367/23/200419983,381Arms Length
9661 Deer Valley Drive$485,000 $1457/19/200420033,352Arms Length
9120 Shoal Creek Dr$550,000 $1497/13/200419993,684Arms Length
9613 Deer Valley Drive$570,000 $1687/7/200420033,400Arms Length
2293 Cobb Drive$375,000 $1386/30/200419992,724Arms Length
2313 Gates Drive$407,300 $1356/30/200419993,017Arms Length
2714 Wharton Cir$430,000 $1456/28/200420022,975Arms Length
2004 Eagles Landing Ct.$249,000 $1196/25/200420012,086Arms Length
8911 Hawick Lane$412,000 $1246/24/200419903,317Arms Length
9670 Pebble Beach$435,000 $1436/21/200420033,036Arms Length
9044 Eagles Ridge Dr$239,000 $1396/21/200420001,719Arms Length
8877 Blackheath Way$315,000 $1406/21/200419952,248Arms Length
9694 Dancing Rabbit$416,900 $1486/18/200420042,820Arms Length
9683 Deer Valley Drive$495,000 $1466/18/200420033,400Arms Length
9689 Deer Valley Drive$425,000 $1416/11/200420043,022Arms Length
9179 Shoal Creek Drive$447,193 $1246/10/200420043,600Arms Length
2734 Waterford Glen Court$609,430 $1606/2/200420033,810Arms Length
9158 Mcdougal Ct$217,000 $1305/26/200419991,670Arms Length
8125 Glenmore Drive$430,000 $1445/24/200419982,991Arms Length
2986 St. Stevens Drive$391,000 $1335/19/200419942,948Arms Length
2268 Cobb Drive$562,500 $1415/18/200420003,977Arms Length
9617 Deer Valley Drive$539,930 $1695/14/200420033,200Arms Length
8962 Winged Foot Drive$334,900 $1305/7/200419882,583Arms Length
9628 Deer Valley$695,000 $1675/1/200420044,158Arms Length
9041 Eagles Ridge Drive$225,000 $1354/30/200419961,672Arms Length
8869 Glen Abby$459,000 $1434/30/200419953,212Arms Length
9659 Pebble Beach Way$345,826 $1154/27/200420043,000Arms Length
9038 Eagles Ridge Drive$175,000 $1164/26/200419961,506Arms Length
3083 St. Andrews Way$459,900 $1444/20/200420033,200Arms Length
3089 St. Andrews Way$469,900 $1414/15/200420033,325Arms Length
3235 Pablo Creek$476,000 $1404/5/200420033,400Arms Length
3207 Pablo Creek Way$519,900 $1543/31/200420043,379Arms Length
8931 Winged Foot$386,900 $1393/18/200420002,789Arms Length
8778 Dunblane Ct.$423,900 $1392/27/200420043,050Arms Length
3031 Golden Eagle Dr E$470,000 $1352/27/200419923,492Arms Length
2965 Medinah Ct.$205,275 $802/12/200420012,572Arms Length
2968 Saint Stevens Dr$395,000 $1221/28/200419953,229Arms Length
9096 Shoal Creek Drive$635,000 $1361/27/200419964,670Arms Length
2950 Golden Eagle Dr E$394,000 $1521/20/200419982,600Arms Length
2113 Doral Dr$367,500 $12012/30/200319983,071Arms Length
2131 Doral Drive$515,000 $14412/30/200319983,569Arms Length
9162 Shoal Creek$389,900 $11812/23/200320033,300Arms Length
8545 Heathcliff Court$383,000 $17012/15/200320012,252Arms Length
2667 Wharton Circle$417,500 $12612/15/200319973,325Arms Length
9198 Shoal Creek Drive$604,900 $15112/9/200320034,000Arms Length
2250 Cobb Drive$370,000 $12912/5/200320022,879Arms Length
9664 Deer Valley$973,960 $19412/2/200320035,018Arms Length
2958 Golden Eagle Dr E$550,000 $12211/28/200319874,491Arms Length
2966 Golden Eagle Drive$429,900 $12611/13/200319873,400Arms Length
8862 Winged Foot Drive$350,000 $11110/31/200319923,152Arms Length
8539 Heathcliff Ct$352,000 $12610/20/200320002,792Arms Length
8215 Glenmore Drive$670,000 $16310/16/200319984,101Arms Length
8326 Inverness$345,000 $1259/30/200319992,754Arms Length
9695 Deer Valley Drive$395,000 $1409/26/200320032,820Arms Length
8339 Inverness Drive$389,900 $1169/15/200320013,347Arms Length
8551 Heathcliff Court$339,500 $1158/15/200320002,941Arms Length
2025 Herb Court$412,500 $1158/11/200319973,602Arms Length
8980 Eagles Ridge Dr$265,000 $988/8/200319932,700Arms Length
2863 Royal Isle Drive$409,900 $1348/6/200320033,050Arms Length
2138 Amanda Mae Court$685,000 $1848/5/200319963,718Arms Length
9655 Deer Valley Drive$425,000 $1387/31/200320033,071Arms Length
9113 Shoal Creek Drive$374,900 $1257/31/200320013,000Arms Length
2963 Golden Eagle Drive$725,000 $1777/31/200320004,100Arms Length
8885 Caledonian Court$381,900 $1257/30/200320003,066Arms Length
8875 Glen Abby Dr$550,000 $1317/30/200319974,200Arms Length
2868 Royal Isle Drive$449,900 $1457/23/200320033,100Arms Length
2018 Herb$342,000 $1167/22/200320012,943Arms Length
2606 Wharton Circle$355,000 $1247/22/200320012,860Arms Length
9017 Turnberry Ct$361,250 $1007/21/200319923,600Arms Length
Xxx Pablo Creek Way$260,441 $1057/15/200320032,482Arms Length
9688 Deer Valley Dr$630,000 $1836/27/200320033,443Arms Length
8314 Inverness Drive$349,000 $1206/25/200320002,915Arms Length
3095 St. Andrews Way$494,900 $1486/20/200320033,335Arms Length
2570 Bishops Green Trl$452,500 $1156/20/200320023,933Arms Length
8823 Winged Foot Dr$264,000 $1046/18/200319972,531Arms Length
8889 Caledonian Ct$333,000 $1206/16/200320012,765Arms Length
2019 Herb Ct$292,000 $1086/5/200319982,708Arms Length
2915 Royal Isle Drive$715,000 $1705/29/200320034,200Arms Length
8913 Winged Foot Drive$295,900 $1235/29/200320002,400Arms Length
2177 Gates Drive$325,000 $1115/23/200320002,936Arms Length
Xxxx Eaglesridge$259,000 $1025/21/200320032,550Arms Length
2336 Gates Dr$329,900 $1105/19/200320023,007Arms Length
2869 Royal Isle$425,100 $1405/19/200320023,036Arms Length
2221 Gates Drive$334,900 $1175/15/200320032,856Arms Length
8532 Heathcliff Court$310,000 $1135/2/200320032,744Arms Length
2851 Royal Isle Drive$319,900 $1184/25/200320002,700Arms Length
2961 St Stevens Dr$331,400 $1144/15/200320002,918Arms Length
9661 Deer Valley Drive$419,900 $1254/11/200320023,352Arms Length
2137 Doral Drive$355,000 $1164/11/200320003,059Arms Length
8191 Glenmore Drive$520,000 $1563/24/200319983,337Arms Length
8912 Winged Foot Dr$485,000 $953/20/200320005,100Arms Length
2514 Double Eagle Court$480,000 $1453/3/200319963,317Arms Length
2113 Golden Eagle Dr W$260,000 $1022/28/200319892,550Arms Length
8539 Congressional Dr$420,000 $1332/24/200320013,162Arms Length
9037 Muirfield Ct$398,000 $982/18/200319874,080Arms Length
2576 Bishops Green Trl$329,000 2/7/2003Arms Length
Xxx Heathcliff$299,000 2/7/2003Arms Length
3001 Golden Eagle Dr E$719,919 1/9/2003Arms Length
2982 St Stevens Dr$360,100 1/6/2003Arms Length
9085 Shoal Creek Drive$341,400 12/30/2002Arms Length
2322 Cobb Dr$268,000 12/27/2002Arms Length
8321 Inverness Dr$329,500 12/24/2002Arms Length
9163 Mcdougal Court$210,000 12/19/2002Arms Length
Lot 6 Glenmore Drive$390,000 12/15/2002Arms Length
1650 Eagles Watch Way$169,900 11/22/2002Arms Length
8533 Heathcliff Court$265,000 11/14/2002Arms Length
2269 Cobb Drive$315,000 11/4/2002Arms Length
9652 Deer Valley Drive$687,500 11/1/2002Arms Length
8198 Glenmore Drive$400,000 10/30/2002Arms Length
8905 Winged Foot Dr$275,000 10/30/2002Arms Length
8958 Winged Foot Dr$290,000 10/30/2002Arms Length
2957 St Stevens Drive$377,000 10/29/2002Arms Length
2310 Cobb Drive$364,000 10/25/2002Arms Length
2188 Gates Drive$331,400 10/10/2002Arms Length
2975 Golden Eagle Dr E$315,000 9/27/2002Arms Length
9021 Glen Eagle Way$210,000 9/27/2002Arms Length
9159 Mcdougal Court$197,500 9/25/2002Arms Length
8911 Hawick Ln$320,000 9/20/2002Arms Length
2714 Wharton Circle$358,008 9/9/2002Arms Length
9002 Bob O'Link Ct$365,000 9/5/2002Arms Length
9042 Shoal Creek Dr$470,000 9/3/2002Arms Length
8970 Eagles Ridge Dr$196,000 8/30/2002Arms Length
9664 Pebble Beach Way$392,800 8/29/2002Arms Length
2306 Gates Dr$362,500 8/15/2002Arms Length
2709 Wharton Circle$330,000 8/14/2002Arms Length
2606 Wharton Circle$325,000 8/13/2002Arms Length
2697 Wharton Circle$305,000 8/13/2002Arms Length
2844 Royal Isle Drive$512,000 8/12/2002Arms Length
2275 Cobb Drive$243,660 8/5/2002Arms Length
8524 Heathcliff Court$290,000 8/1/2002Arms Length
2563 Bishops Green Trl$348,500 7/31/2002Arms Length
8970 Winged Foot Drive$250,000 7/30/2002Arms Length
8816 Winged Foot Dr$360,000 7/25/2002Arms Length
2214 Gates Drive$327,900 7/19/2002Arms Length
2330 Gates Drive$342,500 7/19/2002Arms Length
2685 Wharton Circle$310,000 7/16/2002Arms Length
2661 Wharton Circle$409,000 7/15/2002Arms Length
8858 Winged Foot Drive$302,000 7/12/2002Arms Length
8973 Winged Foot$340,000 7/12/2002Arms Length
2137 Doral Dr$338,000 6/28/2002Arms Length
2950 Golden Eagle Dr E$315,000 6/28/2002Arms Length
2250 Cobb Drive$304,900 6/24/2002Arms Length
2558 Bishops Green Trail$325,000 6/17/2002Arms Length
9677 Deer Valley Drive$408,900 6/13/2002Arms Length
3006 Trestwick Way$445,000 6/10/2002Arms Length
8893 Saltcoates Ct$210,000 6/6/2002Arms Length
2281 Cobb Drive$302,000 5/30/2002Arms Length
2006 Herb Court$309,000 5/24/2002Arms Length
8766 Dunblane Court$311,000 5/17/2002Arms Length
2286 Cobb$502,000 5/16/2002Arms Length
9032 Winged Foot Dr$330,000 5/15/2002Arms Length
8978 Winged Foot Dr$369,900 5/2/2002Arms Length
Xxxx Cobb Drive$365,000 4/27/2002Arms Length
8551 Heathcliff Court$326,000 4/15/2002Arms Length
9009 Bob O Link$314,000 4/14/2002Arms Length
2214 Genevieve Ct$725,000 3/29/2002Arms Length
2106 Doral Dr$325,000 2/27/2002Arms Length
2113 Doral Dr$332,000 2/22/2002Arms Length
3018 Golden Eagle Dr E$335,000 2/15/2002Arms Length
8144 Glenmore Drive$325,000 2/15/2002Arms Length
2202 Gates Drive$288,900 2/6/2002Arms Length
8982 Winged Foot Dr$365,000 1/31/2002Arms Length
9085 Shoal Creek Dr$320,000 1/31/2002Arms Length
9131 Shoal Creek$305,000 1/31/2002Arms Length
8527 Heathcliff Court$273,500 1/30/2002Arms Length
8186 Glenmore Drive$325,000 1/16/2002Arms Length
9073 Shoal Creek$310,000 1/16/2002Arms Length
9019 Winged Foot Dr$482,000 1/8/2002Arms Length

I hope you enjoyed this Golden Eagle Plantation Home Sales Report, please drop me a note if you have any other questions or concerns that I can help you with.

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