Contest: Win A Free iPad For Closest Guess On Price Of Homes With Acreage

In my attempt to explore every niche in the Tallahassee real estate market, I have found an interesting study surrounding homes with acreage.

Say for example you love horses and would like enough land to board your own horses, how much would you really need? 5 acres? 10 acres? 20 acres? 50 acres?

The price ranges vary so much, that I have decided to have a little contest that anybody can enter, and the winner will be awarded a brand-new iPad!

Win A Free iPad

Win iPad Tallahassee FloridaAt the end of this article is a description and picture (with download-able flyer) of a home on acreage that will be hitting the market next weekend, and I’m not sure where we are going to price it.

The seller would like to move, but he’s not going to give the home away (sound familiar?). So here’s all you have to do:

In the comments section at the original –> Tallahassee Real Estate Blog, <– simply enter your name, your email (which will only be used to notify the winner), and the price at which you think the home will sell.

Win A Free Ipad – Guess The Price … click to tweet

I will shut off entries once the property hits the MLS, so hurry and get your opinion of value recorded today. In case two entries are the same, the one that is entered first will be the only awarded winner. The winner will be awarded the iPad after theTallahassee Realtor Steve Wright sale closes.


Congratulations to Tallahassee Realtor Steve Wright who was the first to forecast a final sales price of $450,000. We closed on the home with acreage on February 8, 2013.

Tallahassee Has Homes With Acreage

I went to the Tallahassee MLS expecting to find many “horse homes,” but the fact is there just isn’t that many on the market. For most people wanting enough space to board horses, they will be lucky to find the right fit with what is available. They also have to search homes with acreage with the knowledge they might have to add the barn and other facilities for the horses, making this an expensive proposition.

The good news is that Tallahassee does have some homes with acreage, you just have to hunt the right one down. I decided to make an easy link and have added it to the left sidebar of our property search tool. If you select “Homes for sale with acreage,” you will get all homes on the market that offer one or more acres of land with the home.

While the current housing market is offering buyers a lot of opportunities, it is not so easy when you want something as unique as a “horse house.” While barns and the supporting workrooms are not as expensive to build as the main house, the cost is significantly higher than building a house alone.

Homes With Acreage Tallahassee CENTURY 21 Manausa and Associates 1140 Capital Circle SE #12A Tallahassee, FL 32301 (850) 366-8917

In the real estate graph above, we see a graphic view of all the homes with acreage in Tallahassee (Leon County). The majority of these homes sit on less than 2 acres, and I don’t know many horse people looking for something that small.

In fact, most that I have dealt with prefer something well above fifteen acres, and there are only nine homes for sale in Tallahassee that have greater than ten acres, and they are asking more than $600,000 for each home (on average).

Homes With Acreage For Horse Owners

Horse Homes With Acreage CENTURY 21 Manausa and Associates 1140 Capital Circle SE #12A Tallahassee, FL 32301 (850) 366-8917<– We have a beautiful home that is getting prepared to enter the market. Take some time to check it out and tell me what you think it will sell for! You can even see a map of the property here –> Map Of Home

This Tallahassee home is sitting on 20 acres, has 5 bedrooms, a sparkling blue pool, a four-stall barn (where you keep the horses … or lease it out to somebody to reduce your monthly cost of ownership), a guest house, and best of all … the house is in immaculate condition and looks like it belongs in a Southern Living Magazine.

Did I mention that the seller is willing to offer some creative financing options for qualified buyers? The Seller, not a bank, will determine how “qualified” a buyer is, and since this isn’t a short sale, moving the buyer into the home can be easy and quick if needed.

Don’t forget to leave a comment below with your opinion of value, and I hope you win!

If you want to know more about homes with acreage in Tallahassee, you can either visit to view the 274 homes with acreage currently listed for sale, or you can simply call our office to schedule a showing of some of these fine Tallahassee homes.

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9 September 2013
Joe Manausa
Century 21
Last modified: September 9, 2013
About Joe Manausa

Joe Manausa, MBA is a 22+ year veteran of real estate brokerage in the State of Florida and has owned and managed his own company since 1992. He is a daily blogger with content that focuses on real estate analytics and providing his clients with a tactical advantage in today's challenging market.

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  1. Here’s an example: Joe Manausa $1M

  2. Daniel Combiths says:

    I’m going with $475,000.

  3. $400,000!!! :-)

  4. I’m guessing $395K

  5. $520,000

  6. Corey McCloskey says:

    I’ll say $629,500

  7. 590,000

  8. Holly Stone says:

    Holly Stone $595,000

  9. Vincent Smith says:

    My estimate for this property is $999,000.00

  10. $432,500 – splitting the difference.

  11. Mike Manausa says:


  12. $480,000.

  13. Brendie says:


  14. Jeff Badger says:

    $424,900 would be my guess.

  15. Scott G says:


  16. $375’000.00 I think… :-)

  17. Lavonne Yates says:

    Lavonne Yates $425,ooo

  18. Madison says:


  19. 1.2 million dollars

  20. 1.275 million

  21. 1.2 million

  22. Joe,
    I am thinking $448,785! Thanks for the opportunity. Can I enter more than once? Thanks Again!

  23. I am gonna say $699,000

  24. I’m going with $350,000

  25. Amy Brewer says:

    I will say 652,000

  26. Joe, I’m going go with $425,000

  27. Pat Carroll says:


  28. With that beauty and elegance I can say it would range from $500 to 900 thousand to be more specific $750k I guess.

  29. 456,000!

  30. $800,000

  31. Jimmy Arcade says:

    I’m thinking $709,500 is the magic number!

  32. claudia davis says:

    1.375 mil

  33. Dan Murphy says:

    Dan Murphy – $397,900.00

  34. I’m going for $500,000

  35. Kate Harthan says:


  36. David Rich says:

    What a great property….what a super contest! The number is $724,900

  37. $685,000

  38. Gary Farley says:

    $639,500 is my #

  39. Andrew Clough says:

    879k USD is my answer

  40. Don Pickett says:

    Location plays a BIG part of the value: $425.

  41. Guest house, too! Beautiful home & certainly could be worth more, but probably not a huge market of people looking for all it has to offer. $649,900. I love a contest! :)

  42. 393,500

  43. Jason Durbin says:

    Nice contest Joe! I’m thinking $778,000

  44. $695,000

  45. Dave Means says:

    Great idea, Joe. My guess is $825,000.

  46. 459k. Looks great but gets a big ding for no garage and the location.

  47. Wayne Fountain says:


  48. Chris Keller says:


  49. 850,000

  50. $645.5k

  51. $249,000

  52. Toni Moore says:

    I hope to someday own a property like that! Beautiful!! :) $495,000

  53. Terry Selva says:

    $489,500 –my guess would be. What a fantastic place!

  54. Dick Van Atta says:

    Thanks Joe. This is fun. My guess in about $735,000.

    Good luck

  55. Nan Greynolds says:


  56. Allen – I’m going with 895,000

  57. TrentManausa says:


  58. $580,000.

  59. $695000

  60. Kim Kopacz says:

    Kim Kopacz $424,000

  61. $725,000

  62. $750,000.
    Just a number, it’s not your typical run of the mill offering, you must have time on your side to wait… for there is someone (emphasis on one or peerhaps two) that are in the market for such listing.

  63. Jamey Reynolds says:


  64. GENE SCHUR says:

    Any water front? I predict $474,600 more acreage is better but realistically people can adapt to anything and make the most of it. It’s good to economize.

  65. Joe Nacchia says:

    I will go with $649,900.

    Joe Nacchia

  66. i guess $605,000

  67. 650,000

  68. 645k

  69. Grecilda says:

    around $125,000

  70. Bill Horak says:

    I’ll say $717,413

  71. Andy Colombo-Dougovito says:

    My guess is 725,000

  72. Joshua Quinn says:

    I’ll say $723,001

  73. Andy Colombo-Dougovito says:

    As I see someone already guessed 725k, I will go with 715,000… don’t mean to guess twice, I realized it after i hit submit.

  74. $675.000

  75. Caleb Terrell says:


  76. Jan Gil says:


  77. 829,000

  78. curt marsh says:


  79. $369,000

  80. Stephanie MacDonald says:


  81. 569,500

  82. Mary Lou Manausa says:

    This is fun…how about $679,000.00

  83. Tamara B. says:


  84. Tamara B. says:


  85. 530k

  86. Andrew Edwards says:


  87. 640,000 :D

  88. Baladharshan says:

    I would be about $675,000

  89. l bishop says:


  90. melanie smith says:


  91. 585k!What a great article! Love your blog !Thanks a lot for sharing , it is really useful to me!

  92. My guess is 314,500

  93. My guess is 858,300

  94. My guess is $666,125

  95. I guess 675,095

  96. $711,025 is my guess

  97. David Percival says:


  98. CELESTE TOOKES says:


  99. Steven Reecy says:

    It should sell for $353,000.

  100. I guess $410k.

  101. Lynn Fisher says:

    Beautiful home and acreage too. Sold at $718,750 to a family that loves an immaculately kept 5 bedroom home, horses, and the Seminoles of Florida State !!

  102. Kate Palmer says:

    That house is beautiful! My guess is $501k

  103. Ryan Pappas says:

    The 20 acre farm should be listed at $489,999.00

  104. Shlok Keshari says:

    I think that house is worth at $500,000.

  105. Nikkii Williamson says:

    My guess is 800,000.

  106. Lenny Brantley says:


  107. Lynn Schuster says:

    My guess is $452,000.

  108. $465,000 is my guess.

  109. Robin Yeatman says:

    So this is what it’s like to be a Realtor. $1,105,000.

  110. Tina Groves says:

    my guess is $509,000 – I’d love to win the I-Pad !!

  111. I think that the house is worth 750,000

  112. I think that the house is worth 1,500,000

  113. I think the house and land should be listed at $751,000

  114. Shushma75 says:


  115. Snehankita says:

    I guess 440,611

  116. I guess 574,091

  117. My guess is 901,235

  118. I guess 498,535

  119. My guess is 958,330.

  120. rick OMahony says:

    Selling Price; $645,900

  121. Craig Morris says:


  122. Ben Duncan says:

    main house 275,000
    guest house 55,000
    horse barn 25,000
    land 200,000
    Total 555,000

  123. Brenda Stallcup says:

    I think it will sell for $275,000.

  124. my guess is $975,000

  125. Hmmm.

    Tallahassee home is sitting on 20 acres, has 5 bedrooms, a sparkling blue pool, a four-stall barn (where you keep the horses

    Have to up my guess because of the 4-stall barn… $858,000

  126. Patilsachin says:

    I guess $1,120,115

  127. Padikambsneha says:


  128. Sandra Floyd says:

    Given the acreage and the size of the home/s and stalls or barns I would value the property in today’ market at $780,000.00.

  129. lisa smith says:

    $532,000 would be my guess
    winning the ipad would be nice!

  130. 752,900

  131. Steve Wright says:

    did you delete my post?? Keep the Ipad! Sale Price, $450k

  132. $561,725

  133. nimantha says:


  134. $901k

  135. my guess is $810,000

  136. I guess 400,100

  137. $504k

  138. plawson says:

    I think its $795k

  139. 876k

  140. 775k

  141. Steve Wright says:

    Awesome response and interactive blog! I sure hope they get a bundle for it. I am likin’ these guesses.

    • Me too, thanks Steve. The goal was to create some awareness for a great “out of the normal area” home. Considering we’re still not on the market, several hundred flyer downloads is a great start.

  142. my guess $451k

  143. My guess is 1,058,993.

  144. $719,900

  145. Danny Barsness says:


  146. i guess 717,500

  147. Sandra Bourgeois says:

    If I had horses, this would definitely be the home that I would want to live in! Absolutely beautiful!
    This house would sell easily at $450,000.00.

  148. Tashtego says:

    Twenty acres is a lot of land even in a down market. I’d say 950,000.

  149. Greg Einboden says:

    Joe, enter $555K for me!

  150. 565,000

  151. Crystal Bochnia says:


  152. My guess is 695K.

  153. Attempted to back out a price/acre. Then add on the house, barn . . . great financing option. . .unusual property. . . $874,900 Good luck!

  154. Teresa Scudder says:

    $793,000. And good luck to the sellers.

  155. Tom Duffy says:

    I’ll say $888,000. But I’m not certain that the property is all that great for horses. Based on the aerials and the property appraiser’s website, it looks like much of the 20 acres is in woods, rather than pasture, and I didn’t see much evidence of horse activity, such as paddocks, round pens, hay bales, a manure pile, shavings for bedding — or horses, so far as that goes.

  156. $875,000

  157. i guess 890k

  158. 855k

  159. sorry i type wrong email address in my previous comment i guess 855k

  160. Oscar Arenas says:

    If I had the money, I would be glad to buy it for $550K. It sure looks like a beautiful place!

  161. Elaine Herrera says:


  162. Monica Young says:

    oh this is fun :D I say 677K

  163. Marzia Rivera says:

    With the lack of competition with only two other listings and the beautiful home withe the abundance of land and privacy, I would list at $1,1M. The listing is for the distinguish of buyers with specific desires, your sales price will be at $900K.

    PS very creative

  164. Grace McCurry says:

    I would list it at $997,000. The home sounds beautiful, hope the pool area equals it. Looking forward to seeing pictures! Thanks for the challenge! Monica was right, this was fun!

  165. my guess 880k

  166. 999,000

  167. 356k

  168. I think it’s 752,320

  169. Tony Daniel says:

    I would say $825,000

  170. Dana Cummins says:

    gorgeous property…my guess is $579,000

  171. I would guess $749,500… It is probably worth more, but it is too far out.

  172. Kaleigh C says:


  173. Kaleigh C says:

    On second thought… $370,000?

  174. Kaleigh C says:

    $535,000, perhaps?

  175. Trent Manausa says:


  176. Has the contest ended yet? Who is the winner? It’s been two weeks since you started the contest!y

  177. Has the contest ended yet? Who is the winner? It’s been two weeks since you started the contest!

  178. Doreen Engel says:

    I will guess $863,591.

  179. Charles Gauthier says:


  180. sheila ehrismann says:

    i think the price will be about $37,500.00.

  181. well its all wood and with the land its only $99,000

  182. Harsh patel says:


  183. LEAH GENE GARNER says:


  184. Bonnie Bowen says:

    $615,325 is my price for the house and land.

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